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Finding a home in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose

The home buying process has the potential to be overwhelming experience. There are loan documents, housing searches, contract negotiations and disclosures. I’ll help you understand the current condition of the market and get all the information that will quickly position you with a variety of great choices and negotiating leverage.disclosures to think about. You will have full access to my 20+ years experience completing real estate transactions, and will be beside you throughout the entire process to ensure your interests being accounted for.

Here are some of the steps that will help you find your perfect home:

Determine Your Wants and Needs 
This is the single most important step. By asking you a series of questions we will establish what you are looking for. My goal is to not waste your time by looking at properties that are not in your price range or homes that don’t meet your needs. Throughout the buying process we will maintain your confidentiality and represent your best interests.

Help You Get Pre-Approved
This step will show you how much you can afford. This is accomplished by speaking with your financial institution and establishing what monthly payments you will be comfortable with. Many sellers will not proceed with an offer until they know they are dealing with someone who is pre-qualified. We’ll help you get there quickly!

Finding the Right Home
We will use our powerful search programs and the latest real estate technology tools to find the properties that match your search parameters. We can send them to you immediately via e-mail so that you can browse them at your leisure. You will also receive a personal username and password, along with your very own client section of our website. You can log in anytime you wish and view properties, make requests, or tell us if you would like schedule an appointment. We will disclose all known facts about the property that are likely to affect your decision. When we find the home that meets your criteria, I will assist you in writing an offer and act as a liaison between you and the seller.

We provide service throughout Santa Cruz, Monterey & San Jose.